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Welcome !

This isn’t traditional “web shopping”...

     This page is designed to show how something valuable can be created without “big” companies and “big” names.
     We have knowledge, experience, some tools and a lot of determination. We produce various boxes; for guitar amplifiers, tube amplifiers, speaker cabinets and some other accessories for amp makers and guitar builders.
     We usually use all the materials offered on our pages, so we don’t have a vast amount of them. If you wish, we can always get you more, but we would probably need some time...
     All the devices and assembly parts are of our own production or of our associates and partners. We wish to join forces with other small businesses in order to prove that we also can create quality products.
     We want to preserve and cherish the tradition of “old” crafts which unfortunately, under the pressure of big corporations, disappear. We work with craftsmen who create and model leather for us; who build high quality transformers; who turn various products, bend, plastificate, varnish...
     We design and create by your wishes, for you to get what you want. We have good ideas, from which we create products and half-products for you to use. If there is anything you wish to be made for you, contact us on dberglez@yahoo.com, and we will do our best to make it by your wishes.

       We call it “custom made”, and make it “hand made”.

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